Monday, November 23, 2009

Ticket for an airplane

Another Only-in-Zambia moment today: the travel agent and airline don't take credit cards, so I'm walking over to the hardware store the travel agent operates out of (why not his actual travel agency, I do not know) with a sack of cash to purchase plane tickets for our upcoming train-up, fly-home trip to Zanzibar.

We chose the destination largely because anything that sounds so exotic has to be interesting, right? (This is also the reason we (ok, I) picked a grad school in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, over Ohio. The method seems to work most of the time.)

A week from tomorrow, we board the train for the 50-hour trip to Tanzania. I know it seems like we're taking a lot of holidays lately (because we are). This is because we're using up our remaining vacation days before our PC-issued end-of-service travel ban begins in January. We're soaking up Southern Africa because pretty soon we'll be on a jet plane coming home.

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