Tuesday, November 17, 2009


The tape-adapter thingie I use to play my MP3 player in the PC cruiser is dead, so on our multi-hour drive down the province to visit some new sites, Clement and I listened our way through all the tapes I could find in the glove box.

Bob Marley went around several times before I finally had to switch to the Pixies. Clement listened politely until Black Francis had been screaming for quite a long time, at which point he asked me, "Is this rock and roll, or what?"

We were distracted by giant piles of mangos along the road. We stopped so I could buy a shopping bag full for the equivalent of 80 cents. When we got back in the car, Clement popped out the tape and tuned in his favorite radio station, which was playing the Muzak version of the love theme from Titanic. Honestly, that's one of those songs that makes you wonder: why do they even need a Muzak version?

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