Wednesday, June 17, 2009


After lugging a bunch of junky old magazines, string, and glue over to the orphan school, I spent the afternoon teaching some kids how to make paper beads. I fretted about only having one pair of scissors to share, but it turned out that several kids had razor blades in their pencil boxes.

Let's all take a moment to imagine an American third grader pulling out a bare razor blade in class. I'm guessing the teacher wouldn't say, "Hey, let me use that for a second," like the one here did.

Paper beads were a big hit, we had a nice chat about Barack Obama's heritage and a giggle about the crazy contortions in the yoga catalog we were razoring up, and I hightailed it outta there in time to make pizza with homemade mozzarella for dinner.

(Slick how I threw that in, huh? I know this isn't a food blog, but jeez.) Trevor is
fine, by the way. He's pretty excited about the mini safari we leave for Friday and is working on some more radio programs even though the ones he sent to our hometown radio station have never aired.

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