Tuesday, June 23, 2009


An increasing number of buzzing visitors to our bed inspired me to re-repel our mosquito net today. The process requires untying the thing from the ceiling, shaking out the carcasses and termite poops, and soaking it in a solution that comes with a disturbingly intense brochure of safety instructions.

I managed to wear the plastic gloves properly, but I also flicked a few drops of the solution on my face, so I've spent the afternoon burning off the skin by my eyebrow. Yay!

When I hung the net back up (where were the gloves for that part??), I positioned it so the door opening is on Trevor's side so he will be the one who has to make sure the saggy fabric is safely shuttered against our malarial foes, a constant struggle in our bedroom.

Trevor just came home and said, "This is good, because I feel that you are not entirely vigilant in that regard." I swear that is what he said. He also brought me a ginormous avocado and thinks he may have damaged his insides by chewing an entire pack of sugarless gum today.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Lisa
This is Aaron's dad. I have just been updating myself on your activities for the past month. I am sorry we did not get more of a chance to meet you when we were in Chipata visiting Aaron last month.
Having visited there gives much better meaning to your stories. I really enjoy reading your blogs.

Good luck with your continued adventure