Friday, June 12, 2009


Down here below the equator, the days are getting crazy short and it's definitely winter. Some signs:

-- People carrying around and even wearing winter coats. I mean, it does get down to 78 degrees: you could easily freeze to death. To be fair, we do have a down comforter on our bed, which I felt ridiculous bringing to Africa, but it turns out when you live in a place without central heating, a little chilly goes a long way.
-- Leaves are falling in our yard, to be quickly swept up by Ben the gardener.
-- The market is full of winter vegetables. Last night I roasted beets and carrots, followed by a pumpkin that sat in the oven most of the night because the power went out when it was half done.
-- Everybody has a cold.
-- By our front door is a little clutch of blooming paperwhites, a flower I associate with Christmas in America, since I always buy a pack of bulbs on closeout sometime around Thanksgiving and force in a bowl on the dining room table.

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