Sunday, June 7, 2009


The guard at the guesthouse on our way home doesn't know my name, so she calls out "Peace Corps!" when I ride by. Since she pronounces the "s" at the end, it comes out "Peace Corpse." I think that's a yoga position.

She's not the only Zambian with a creative way to label our organization. My favorite interpretation is "Piss Cops."

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kcreemer said...

Thank you! We are having a violent Missouri storm (I am sure this will bring back a "flood" of memories - didn't mean to be "punny...") including thunder, lightning and torrential downpours. Up to comfort the trembling dogs, and see if the water was pouring in the crack in the foundation...(need to get that checked out...)I couldn't get back to sleep. Alas, I was able to catch up on the blog- I hadn't read an update since Mid May. Thanks for all the details, pictures and glimpses into your rich lives. This friend appreciates the view into your story. Thank you! KC