Wednesday, June 24, 2009


It can be surprisingly entertaining to live in a place that is in many ways painfully understimulating. For example, I spent the lunch hour with the PC house's housekeeper and guard knitting (all of us) and watching (for the second time in Zambia, oddly) the movie Babe.

Esther doesn't know how to work the VCR, so she found me in the kitchen to ask me to put on "the one with the pig he talks." The movie itself is a bit of a tearjerker (well, at least to this vegetarian) but the best part was Esther's color commentary, which is a mix of the wonder of a little kid and all the off-color slang PCVs have entertained themselves by teaching her over the years.

The second best part was Esther swearing she will never eat pig again. OK, she did say she has never liked pig to begin with. And she probably can rarely afford meat anyway. But still.

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