Friday, June 5, 2009


With our newfound access to seemingly unlimited piles of junk, Trevor and I are quickly filling our small house with treasures. Today he brought home a carved wooden plaque depicting a monkey and a reverse-applique pillow cover. I found curtain fabric from Japan featuring scarf-wearing cats and some new/old cloth napkins but passed on a throw rug screaming "Crimson Tide!" although it did make me wonder why Alabama is so much better represented than Missouri in the salaula here.

Trevor has also been collecting (in no particular order): abandoned kid shoes, round things, stamps, bottle caps, ironic t-shirts (he is especially fond of one that advertises "The Weekend for Authentic Manhood"), homemade toys (he found a knitted doll wearing a sweater embroidered "Don," which is the name of his boss here) and lots of carved wood. It's a good thing they don't sell records here or we would be washed away on a sea of katundu (stuff).

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