Tuesday, June 30, 2009


We went back over to the office this morning while doing a little last-minute cramming about road signs and speed limits. My driving test consisted of ferrying the driver office boss over to the bank, waiting while he used the ATM, and delivering him back to his office while he read the newspaper. He didn't ask me about road rules and I didn't kill (or nearly kill) anybody, so I passed.

Eventually, I will be able to go back to the office and pick up my official license. There was a basket of them on the counter; apparently you wait awhile, then show up and paw through the cards for your own. Meanwhile, I've developed a new appreciation for my bike.

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Karen said...

Hi Lisa:

We just got Isaac's learner's permit last Wednesday, which took about an hour and 15 minutes in all, even though we initially went to the wrong office. Of course, the trauma that will doubtless be involved in turning Isaac into a safe driver will make your driver's license travails look like a walk in the park ; ) Wish us luck!