Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Back in Chipata

Despite a bus driver with a lead foot and a death wish, we made it back to Chipata from Lusaka last night.

We returned to the Peace Corps house to find that in the absence of the PCVL (volunteer leader), the toilet paper had run out, so Trevor's important morning project was to buy two 50-packs at the nearby wholesaler shop. We won't run out for a few days, though the water is off, which creates other issues. We only managed to wash half our laundry this morning before the water quit, so half our clothes are still soaking in a soapy tub.

I think the real reason Trevor wanted to hurry up and get back to Chipata was so he could load all his new Cape Town CDs on our laptop and reconfigure his MP3 player. New tunes!

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