Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Today is a big day in peace corps life. We are dropping off new
volunteers in their villages where they will live for two years.

It's a big day for me too because it begins my on the job training.
Next posting cycle i will be the one running this show as the eastern
province volunteer leader. Frankly i find it overwhelming but i guess
I'll figure it all out. The crazy part is when we cruise down paths
seemingly unpassable by car to villages way out in the bush. And drop
people off for two years. I like being the one climbing back in the
cruiser to blast a bee gees tape.

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Richard Evans said...

Hi guys. We're following your blog with great interest. Parker has a school geography project and has selected Zambia as his country. I've encouraged him to get in touch with you, but of course he suffers from 13 year old inertia.