Wednesday, April 15, 2009


We had the opportunity to stay this whole week in Lusaka in a friend's swanky little guesthouse, but Trevor agitated to get back to Chipata.

I was annoyed with him for tearing me away from the satellite TV and ginormous grocery store, but now I think it was the right choice. It doesn't take much to make Trevor happy: he just needs coffee, a beer at the end of the day, and a ton of stuff to do. We've only been back here one day and already people are stopping by the house to talk about their projects. This is exactly why he wanted to shift to Chipata in the first place.

I've been staying busy in my own way. I've made friends with our new house dog, Sophie, a big freckled baby who looks like a hunting dog my grandfather would have had. We took a big walk yesterday and scared lots of Zambians. Since Sophie's not allowed in the house (unless I'm the only human around), she's been sleeping on the chair just outside our door, or on the doormat, pressed against the screen, waiting for the next walk.

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Corri said...

when you said trevor needed a "ton of stuff to do" that reminded me that I promised to check in on his garden and poke around in it a couple of times while you guys are gone.

Tell him I still plan on checking in a few times this spring and summer.