Wednesday, April 15, 2009


People who received Trevor's calendar have been emailing lately about his not-so-subtle reminder to start sending birthday gifts to me.

Especially after the past two weeks of shopping insanity, we really don't need anything. Of course, I always appreciate Kool-aid. But the best thing is just to hear from people and see the pictures, newspaper clippings, news from your own private Lake Wobegon. If you want to make us a mix CD or have the capacity to burn us a DVD of your favorite show or SNL, so much the better. But mostly we just want to know what's happening on your side of the planet, what's blooming in your yard, what you ate for dinner, what crazy thing your boss did, whatever. We want proof that you remember that we exist.

Is that pathetic? Well, it's my birthday. (Almost.)

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Darlene said...

happy happy almost... you are missing allergy season at its worst in years due to lack of snow this winter and lots of cool temps, and 60 degree days.. miss missserrrryyyy yet??? We miss you! Book club is Wicked in a week - I love that book - And yes, all my plants are starting and blooming and growing... and I'm sneezing and eyes watering and...