Saturday, April 4, 2009


Cape Town makes America look like a developing country. Seriously. I had no idea how gorgeous and swanky this place is. We're camped out in a Victorian mansion with 12-foot ceilings, with our satellite office a block away, at a 100-year old theater showing this year's Oscar winners for $2.50 (another buck for popcorn). Trevor is currently watching Mos Def and Robert Glasper at a jazz festival down the street. Yesterday we hiked up Table Mountain, this morning I went to a rooftop yoga class.

As much as we're enjoying the sights and sounds, I'm most excited about the tastes. I think I've already hit my baggage capacity by loading up on cake mixes, chipotle Tabasco sauce, tahini, soy sauce, red chile paste, and a bunch of other things not available in Zambia's Shoprite.

And yes, I did enjoy some McDonald's french fries, though I've also sampled some delicious spring rolls, tofu, fresh seafood, and more. Ahhhhh, vacation.

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