Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Dinner with the Ambassador (sort of)

Dinner was excellent, though it wasn't an ambassador but the chief of mission or something. He was quite nice and we had lasagna, only with no noodles but mashed potatoes. Whatever, it had melted cheese on top so I'm not complaining.

Also in attendance was an administrative assistant from Oklahoma! And the CDC head in Zambia, who finally helped me figure out what happened last year when I had a mysterious and extremely scary brief illness, a blister on my eyeball. I don't even think I blogged about it because I was too freaked out. At the time nobody had any clue what had happened, but apparently I rubbed my eye after unknowingly touching a "blister beetle," and it's pretty common and scary but ultimately harmless, at least according to somebody who seems to know a lot about these things.

The deputy guy was supposed to meet with our friend Sydney this afternoon, but since his schedule of official visits and speeches and photo opportunities was rearranged, he had to cancel. So he gave us the treats they had brought for her, Double Stuff Oreo cookies. !!!

I should probably feel guilty.

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