Thursday, April 30, 2009


Is such a tricky thing. Is it just a matter of making the whole world the same?

I spent Tuesday night in Petauke after helping post two volunteers there. The guesthouse was decent, by Zambia standards. I had a sink, a (bare) lightbulb and an intact mosquito net. At breakfast, I marveled that the dining room was furnished with the same chairs you'd find at any budget motel or conference room in America. Which got me ruminating about what exactly it means that Zambia is becoming more "developed." Chain restaurants on every corner? Will Zambia be developed when it no longer has a shred of its own traditions and culture? Already every kid is dressed in a 101 Dalmations or Manchester United t-shirt.

One thing that's not developed is the road to Chadiza. We posted the new kid to our friend Koh's old village. By the end of the drive back, I felt like my skull was rattling loose. The last of the rainy season washed every remaining speck of dirt away, so many sections of the road are big loose rock. Peace Corps Land Cruisers are the bare-bones models that apparently don't come with shocks. Ow.

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Anonymous said...

I share your wonder. My sister asked me how I liked the shower in the new apartment. I wanted to say something positive. I don't want to be miss Debbie Downer of Stateside living, but when i first turned on the shower the impulsive feeling was guilt. I turned it off. I turned it back on again and I wanted to cup my hands together and stop the leak. It is SO powerful. And there is no way to control the volume. It's an on or off shower. Anyways. Point is, that this way of life is certainly not possible for more than a few people, so why are we trying to bring the rest of the world things that just lead to destruction (not to mention panic attacks, anxiety, and the energy of constant doingness). - Nice to know where your blog spot is. Say hi to Travis for me =0)
Good luck, patience, and peace with posting (hey, what's the new Kagoro PCVs name??)