Wednesday, April 29, 2009


We head to Lusaka tomorrow for a couple of week-long meetings, and when we return we'll move into our new house. The new place doesn't have a stove, so we've been looking at options that are all painfully expensive. I had resigned myself to spending a crazy amount of money until the other day when Trevor was chatting up some missionaries who are headed back to Canada next week. I seized the opportunity to see if they were selling their stove. They were! They did! To us! We are the proud owners of a third-hand, German made, four-burner stove with an oven door that needs help staying shut. The owners threw in a collection of muffin tins and cake pans.

As a bonus, they used to live in the house we're moving into, so they know the landlord. And they have a van, so they agreed to deliver the stove over there for us. It will be waiting when we return from Lusaka. My mom is sending a mozzarella kit I ordered online, so I predict that the second half of 2009 will be known as the (Half) Year of the Pizza.

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