Friday, May 29, 2009


Today marks the one decade mark of the officially sanctioned segment of our relationship. Yep, it's our anniversary. Since we're in a different time zone than where we got hitched, I'm not sure if it's before or after the blessed event, but who cares? We're enjoying a glass of wine and a recipe for pizza from my new Martha Stewart magazine. We lift a glass to those of you who celebrated with us ten years ago. Save the date for next year's Cow-town shindig, because as we all know, 11 is one better than ten. Dad, start cleaning out the barn!

The only glitch in this lovely day was having to take the Chipata house dog (Sophie) to the vet, as the swelling in her face is drastically worse. For a few days it looked like she had swallowed a golf ball, but now the whole side of her head and neck is swollen. She is such a gentle and sweet-natured girl that she didn't protest to the two injections she got from a vet who was afraid to touch her. (Zambians and dogs, I ask you: WTF?) His diagnosis? Maybe a snake, maybe a wasp. At least the bill was painless-- all that "professional" care for a mere 18 pin, less than $4.

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heathropolis said...

Happy Anniversary, you two. Good idea, using the barn again. Who knows how many kids we'll have by the time you get back? Joke.

So you know, the traditional Tenth Wedding Anniversary TM gift is tin or aluminum. Because YOU Like Nice Things.