Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pet updates

* Happily, the dogs in Chadiza remembered us again when we visited last week. Sadly, the PCV who replaced us hates dogs and encourages the kids to chase them out of the yard by kicking them. (After I spent a year trying to teach the kids not to kick dogs. Sigh.) The silver lining? These few Zambians are learning that Different Americans Have Different Values.

* Sorry, HRH: No cat updates from Chadiza-- Fez didn't show up during our visit, though we showed our replacement where to buy little dried fishies to feed her and passed on the flea stuff.

* The golfball-necked Chipata dog seems better. The lump is shrinking, and she was really happy yesterday when we fed her the bones from an entire village chicken Katey's host family sent home with her (alive in a basket for the bus journey home!). Apparently American dogs are right when they say, "Don't throw that away! I'll eat it!" We may economize on dog food when we get home and just feed Lulu the garbage she seemed to prefer anyway. Or not.

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Anonymous said...

your "slightly overweight" girl gets pretty regular table scraps from the kids (although I do try to discourage that behavior). Natasha and Tommy were letting the cats gnaw the what they could off of chicken bones just last night, however!