Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lights & water

The water went out yesterday just after we finished double-digging two new garden beds in the back yard and wanted to douse them before planting some lettuce seeds. We spent the day with dirt rings around our ankles. The water came back at 10 pm, just as Trevor was done washing an entire day's worth of dishes in a tub using water hoarded in a jerry can.

The power was out all day, too, leaving my weekly shopping trip of groceries to get warm in the fridge. But mercifully it came back on 30 minutes before our dinner guest arrived, so I was able to feed her Martha Stewart pizza version 2.0 instead of having to invent something that could be simmered on our camping stove. Since we had watermelon for dessert, I'm sure we would have survived either way, but it would have been a tragic waste of a light and crispy crust.

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