Monday, May 4, 2009


For me, this morning's mid-term medicals meant a trip to the dentist, who works out of an office so swanky I would gladly live there (even in America!). Apparently they've switched dentists because of bad experiences with other ones. This lady was nice, though she sang along to the Abba soundtrack playing on the stereo.

The office had free (but sadly wretched) coffee. I found that more unsettling than the Abba, as I thought dentists were automatically programmed to warn you away from coffee. Maybe she just wanted to drum up business for bleach treatments.

This afternoon I get to pee in a cup. Bring on the coffee!

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Karen said...

I'm sorry, Lisa -- you'll get absolutely no sympathy from me re the pee in a cup. This morning I had to drop off the results of three straight mornings of "fecal matter chemistry" [shudder], because my doc thinks it's conceivable I picked up a parasite in Italy. You'll really have to do better than that... ; )