Saturday, May 30, 2009

New friends

We like Zambians and everything, but one benefit of living in Chipata is that we can be friends with fellow foreigners, who can relate a little better about what it's like to be different here. Though it seems that any whitey in Chipata is either a 22-year-old PCV or a missionary of some sort, unless they're a South African road engineer or miner. So we can sort of relate.

Our neighbor here is an Italian guy who knows everybody. He introduced us to a whole group of folks who took Trevor to play football/ soccer yesterday while I drank tea with the ladies. Just like the time he broke his finger during the first game of softball season, Trevor managed to come home from his first soccer game since third grade with skinned knees and a bruised foot, though he said he had a Great Time.

I found out that the azungu (foreigners) did yoga on Sundays until their teacher, a VSO volunteer, recently went home. Presto! Here I am, your new yoga teacher! We start tomorrow. Yee-haw!

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