Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Part of my job-to-be as Peace Corps volunteer leader is providing support to my fellow PCVs. This is a job I am happy to take on if it's anything like today, which included helping another volunteer look for knitting projects in the fat stack of craft magazines I got in the mail and helping eat the leftovers crowding the fridge at the PC house.

Speaking of craft magazines (we also got a huge pile of NY Times magazines! Thanks Lorraine!), I'm scheming about how to best use up the colorful chitenge scraps I've been accumulating. Our landlady lent me her sewing machine so I'm itching to craft. Any suggestions?


African Kelli said...

How about placemats? or if you have access to a thin rope, you could make beautiful and really easy baskets with the scraps. Let me know if you want the pattern!

Lea said...

Quilted pillows are easy and fun.