Tuesday, May 19, 2009


We finally moved in yesterday to our new house. Unpacking was a sobering experience, as we consolidated everything we had socked away in our hut and at the Peace Corps house, plus everything we bought in Cape Town and all the packages we've received since moving from Robi. We quickly realized we have way too much of everything.

We are especially stocked up on exotic food right now, which isn't all bad-- in a town with no real restaurants, it's pure luxury being able to whip up a delicious red curry followed up by Girl Scout cookies (thanks, Mom!).

We are soaking in the wonderfulness of our quiet little corner of civilization. Already I have asked Trevor a half-dozen times if he wants tea, simply because it's such bliss to click on the electric kettle and pour hot water. In Robi, making tea required hauling the stools and cups and kettle outside, lighting the fire or gas burner, pouring water out of a 20-liter jerry can, often dodging drips in the leaky kitchen shelter, and shooing away mosquitoes and chickens and goats. We're also enjoying ice cubes, our stove with four whole burners, and the hot shower.

As if the universe is celebrating with us, they even had feta cheese at Shoprite today, something I thought was confined to the rarefied supermarkets of Lusaka.

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FETA CHEESE! Oh la la :)